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Deli Star's Turkey, Chicken, Beef and Ham logs are continually monitored by the Deli Star Research and Production teams to ensure the optimum taste, texture and slicing yields in the industry! By using only the highest quality smoke flavors, natural flavors and spices, our research and development team has created a nice product mix that sandwich-makers and sandwich consumers love!

Slicing Yields from 95-98%

  • Prepared with only the highest quality raw meat that has passed rigorous standards for fat and protein content
  • Formed and cooked in impermeable casing – 180 day shelf-life
  • Consistent quality and texture from slice to slice
  • Designed to facilitate your slicing or sandwich making production line

Premium Oven-Cooked Slicing Logs

  • Turkey, Chicken and Beef logs with whole muscle texture
  • Formulated to customer specifications
  • Available D-shaped or Round
  • Available with caramel-colored or smoke-flavored or spiced casings
  • Available 42" long or lower
  • Designed to facilitate your production processes
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Quality Cooked Meats

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