Focused on food safety. Committed to research & development. Dedicated to customer service.

From Food Network to the Deli Star Innovation Kitchen. Meet Deli Star Executive Chef Jared Case!

Deli Star had a successful first quarter with new innovations, new employees and exciting events.

Read more about it in the First Quarter Newsletter.

Executive Chef Jared Case explores new culinary creations in Chef’s Corner: where great food and innovation intersect.

In this weeks Chef's Corner, Executive Chef Jared talks about Mojo Pork!

Quality Cooked Meats

Deli Star Corporation produces high quality cooked meats for America's fine sandwich makers, salad makers and food service personnel. With a strong focus on food safety, customer service and research and development, Deli Star is committed to providing the taste, quality and service that our customers expect and deserve.

Our Purpose

To lead innovation and maintain respect in the food industry, provide the safest, highest quality protein to the world, and a safe, healthy work place where all of our employees have a clearly defined purpose at work and in life.

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